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 Site Rules!

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PostSubject: Site Rules!   Tue Aug 20, 2013 11:28 pm

Welcome to Age of Wolves!, Please read and follow these rules.

Green- Rules under green are able to be passed without a Consequence, but you will be PMed. Lets just say, Rules like these will slide, and must be fixed.
Orange- Strike one!. Rules like these will have to fixed and you will be notified about this Consequence.
Blue- Strike two!, Broken rule will be fixed and you will be notified about this Consequence.
Red- Strike three!, Broken rule WILL BE fixed and notified about the consequence. "Strike three!, Your out!"

1. Please respect all Staff and other Members.
2. Add Copyrights to any images you use that aren't yours.
3. No spamming, Godmodding, Harassment. Most Importantly, Hacking and Flaming!
4.Please keep this site PG-13!!!
5. Please try to refrain from swearing!
6. If you have a Mature image of a Reference sheet, Please run it through me or speed before hand! to make sure you can post it!
7. No Pornography!
8. Two or more characters in the roleplaying area MUST be color coded to keep them seperated
9. You may claim ONE territory at a time!.
10. Do not kill another character unless you have permission, (If your character is killed, you can still play it, Doesnt mean its gone forever!!!!. Just in that RP setting it is!)
11. Please ask the Owners for permission before adding something big to your story. Which only means Hunters, as in Humans hunting.
12. Try keeping Human characters out of the Animal lands, It's okay if they are camping within those lands. But they cannot live in it.

~For right now We have 12 rules, We will add more later as the website goes on~

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Site Rules!
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