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 Art ShowCase: Rules

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PostSubject: Art ShowCase: Rules   Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:24 am

Hey!, In order to keep everything Friendly and In-tact, We are going to have to set some rules to the Art Showcase. For many reasons.

*No Harsh/Negative Comments. If they request Critiques, do not make it overly negative and hurtful. Your post will be removed and any comments upon it will be to. If they ask for critiques give it then. Not do not make it heavy with harsh remarks as stated before.
*Only post art/stories YOU have created.
*Please have one topic per Media. Ex. Goldey's Art, Goldey's Photographs. This keeps from cluttering.

These rules will be enforced, if any is caught breaking these or any rules added on, will result in the topic/post in being removed.

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Art ShowCase: Rules
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