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 F.A.Q- Roleplaying and Site

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PostSubject: F.A.Q- Roleplaying and Site   Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:53 pm

Our F.A.Q


Q:How do I play?
A: It's simple, First create your character, Which are automatically accepted. Be sure you keep your characters to ONE topic, to keep the Character creation clean. We are a Play by post. Here is an Example.

User 1- "Goldey decided to sniff around as she patrolled the borders of her territory for any intruders, She nodded over to Speed to show there wasn't any."

User 2- Speed nodded back to Goldey and started to trot off back to the main area of the territory to tell everyone there was no intruders and if they see any come by, that they will deal with it.

Q: How do I earn PawPrints?
A: Everytime you make a Roleplay post you earn +1 Pawprints for everypost (Everyday). Only the RP area.

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F.A.Q- Roleplaying and Site
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