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 Find The Eggs 2015

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PostSubject: Find The Eggs 2015   Mon May 11, 2015 10:47 am

Find The Eggs
We have Hiddens small eggs around the the Staff's Posts. (Mostly the Owner and Co-Owner)
These eggs come in Various of colors and you only see the same eggs once!.
Help us find these eggs!.

*3 eggs are found per round
* 1 egg per person per round
* First Come, First Serve.

This Contest Ends 5/20/15
Each egg has a special surprise!. Could even be an Character!
The Magic Egg (Rainbow) can have over 27+ Surprises!!.

~How to Play~
1. If you find an Egg in an Staffers post, Screenshot it, Crop the post out and Post it here.
2. If your egg is already found, Dont loose hope!. 2 more eggs to be found!.
3. After the round is over, You get a chance to find another
4. You must wait ONE round before finding the Magic Egg Again.

Once the Magic Egg is found, it likes to trick people!. It will take on different shades and colors just to trick you into thinking its just some lame old egg!.

Have fun!

Eggs Found This Round:

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Find The Eggs 2015
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