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 Usage of the Character Market

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PostSubject: Usage of the Character Market   Wed Apr 08, 2015 5:10 am

Welcome to our Character Market.
This forum is for selling Characters and any art you have permission to sell it with.

*We would like you to state if the character your are selling is in the roleplay forums and apart of a pack, As if resold to another member they have a right to change this. Itll be helpful to us to know who now owns the character, so if they decide to leave the roleplay as is, we can change who the character is played by in any pack, Thank you!*

We will give out warnings if nothing is followed below, You topic may be removed*

Selling a single Character~
*Get permission to Resell the character if its now your own that you have created
*Get permission to sell any art that comes with it
*Give Proper Credit!
* Giving out the link to an Album with characters, You must give proper credit to artists in the album as well

Multiple characters-
*Get permission to resell the characters if it not your own that you have created
*Get permission to sell any art that comes with them.
* Proper credit must be given!
*Linking to an album with art of the characters, you must give proper credit to the artists inside your album as well.

*Please understand that if these are not followed, You topic can be removed. Once proper credit is given and these are followed, Your post will stay*
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Usage of the Character Market
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