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 Joining the Golden River Pack

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PostSubject: Joining the Golden River Pack   Wed Apr 08, 2015 4:12 am

Joining The Golden River Pack
You stand before a broad female, Black and gold, Not knowing what to do you stare into her golden eyes as she stares into yours. "I see you must be seeking a pack?" she speaks and your ears perk up to listen closely interested.

"I am Goldey, Alpha of the Golden river pack. Ill be happy to have you as a member. But we do have our standards that must be followed as well. If you are willing to follow through and manage to live to our standards, maybe one day You will become a High position like me.."

Are you ready to become a member of the Golden River Pack?

The Golden River
The Golden River is our territory, we own one half of the river while far from the other side of our river lives the outlands. It isn't very pretty out there but sometimes hunting is pretty easy if you stay out of our enemy's pack territory that is. Once you smell their border, dont stay awhile longer.

Rules and Requirements
*No Godmodding or Powerplaying
*Be respectful of the High Positions.
*Be respectful of your Pack-Mates
*I hate to put this down, but so many people do it. Dont kill pups in the pack, Its just not right, Nobody wants their new puppy characters to die so sudden because of another. I mean come on. (I see it a lot on other forums, many put this rule down)
* Be Active!, We love Active Roleplayers in the pack!. Better than an Inactive forums all going to archive!. being active maybe you can become a High position one day!.
*We have a right to accept/Reject members into the Golden River pack

*Active Roleplayer.
*There is no Post requirement
*Respectful, Mature Attitude.
* Make yourself feel welcomed, even though others should to, if you dont feel welcomed by yourself, their isnt much anyone can do.

"Now that you know, will you consider joining my pack Young one?"

Link to Bio:
Why do you want to join the Golden River pack?:
Roleplay Sample:
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Joining the Golden River Pack
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