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 Information: Pawprints and Other Forum Buisness

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PostSubject: Information: Pawprints and Other Forum Buisness   Tue Jan 27, 2015 8:26 pm

Pawprints are our Game Currency, This is Fake money.
This can be used to purchase any RPG skill/Power in our Store, You can sell Characters with Pawprints.

Small F.A.Q
Q: What if I dont want to sell a character for PawPrints?
A: Please contact a Admin if thats so.

Q: How do I transfer it?
A: Send a Private Message to, "LilyPaw", our Bank assistant with the proper forums needed, and she will do the work for you, this subtracts the amount you transferred from your current amount.

Q: How do I earn Pawprints?
A: Through Events. Pawprints are also given out through gifts, and on AoW's Birthday we will give out Pawprints for free.

Here are the forums for Transferring it, Adding it, and whatever else
Please send it to Speedwolfeh.

Amount of PawPrints:
Transferring to:

Store in Bank
Amount of PawPrints:
Keep until furthur notice or Set a date?:

Take out
Amount of Pawprints:
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Information: Pawprints and Other Forum Buisness
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